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Ode to the prominent places, the ones that make our hearts race and our minds yearn. My Highlands portfolio is inspired by the ventures that lent to a love for the West and vertical perspectives. The places I run: sweat-dripped slate paths up into the alpine, along time-telling canyons, cliff ridgelines and down through the musty pine trails. In the mountains of Montana I find the people fluent in the tales of deep breathing, defeated egos and intensely passionate joy; a tenuous spirit risen higher in order to see more and more. The trials and tribulations found afoot in such rugged landscapes are often immediate, but the rewards of overcoming difficulties build in crescendo-like momentum until the release at the trail’s end. In this portfolio I hope to speak to the aforementioned subjects of triumphs and trials in The West and shed my portion of light on the high and Wild places; those already protected, and those whose quiet beauty and unmistakeable power will yet hopefully be deemed worthy of protection.