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The Defiant & Nuanced

Scouting Southern Subtleties

I am currently a Sanford NC based photographer with roots in the West. Graduating with a BA in Film and Photography from Montana State University, I have spent the last few years honing my skills in portraiture, lifestyle, storytelling, and landscape. My creative life has grown and shifted as I moved from Montana to TN, and now North Carolina.  Since moving here, I have begun to focus on the deep and defiant vibrancy of southern life, from the rhododendron of the mountains to the diverse faces I see on the street every day. As ever, I seek out the eclectic and the candid in every project, working with the client to find out what is most important to them and then working to make sure those elements shine through in the finished product. The subtleties of stories, the nuances of a facial expression or the intimate details that only become apparent after several viewings: these are what I seek to capture in my work. I am a strong believer that photography is a language, one whose importance and impact can often be misunderstood or under-appreciated. I hope to do my part in promoting the merit and joy of this beautiful language.

Skill Set
  • Digital Photography
  • Film Photography
  • Video Content
  • Multimodal Media
  • Art Direction
  • Creative Writing
  • Adventure Guiding
  • Book Craftsmanship