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The forest at night beckons a fairytale aesthetic, transporting me back to my childhood. Full of imagination and a sense of the wild, young Noah could ever be found exploring the waterways of his neighborhood and beyond. There was an innate love of the riverine and all it entailed. That love was never lost, and is explored more fully in this series. There is a mystery to the night time that both scares and enthralls our hearts. The winter: ice and snow, further weaves the threads of folklore and fantasy into the series. And in culmination, I had always desired to collaborate with nature in the creation of a piece and this was the beginning of that relationship.

“Above all, life for a photographer cannot be a matter of indifference” ― Robert Frank

In everything I do, I endeavor to create meaningful change; to help reveal innate beauty and worth in all my photographic work. Let's create a compelling project, story, portrait or product together!