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Embrace an Authentic Approach

With over a decade of seeking out authentic moments through photography, both in my professional and personal work, I always look to capture true and powerful imagery. Weddings are full of truly lovely and genuine moments; moments that create the best photographs. My style is classical and candid; a blend of thoughtful and reactionary.

Attention to Detail

With 5 years of collegiate fine art photography studies, attention to detail and technique become second nature whenever photographing. I always seek to provide an exquisite level of imagery, and tell an in-depth story.


With over 15 weddings, a BA in photography and over a decade of photography experience, weddings are one of my favorite opportunities to capture a couple's love stories. I enjoy getting to know people's story, and find each to be unique and full of mirth.

Ready for the
Big Day!?

Dance the Night Away

For the Love of Dancing

Dancing is one of the most fun parts of any celebration, but especially during weddings. As someone who loves candid moments, dancing is an amazing opportunity to really capture the depth of love between the bride and groom or the joy of their family or guests. People often show their true selves while on the dance floor. Plus it creates beautiful imagery with all the movement and evening’s dramatic lighting scenarios. It’s a win win!

My wife and I hired Noah to photograph our wedding and we could not be happier with the results! Noah is a true pro and has an amazing eye for the natural beauty in whatever setting you may be in (but seriously excels in natural settings!).
He is very easy to work with and will do whatever it takes to compliment your special day and make you feel at ease. As someone who does not necessarily enjoy having my picture taken I was relieved to have Noah running the show and keeping it loose. Do yourself a favor and hire Noah as you wedding photographer, it will be the easiest decision you make.

Nathan HutchensMake your day truly special

We really wanted a more casual approach to our wedding photos instead of the standard formal wedding photography. Noah did a great job of creating casual and classy photos that we treasure.

Samantha + ZachCasual & Classy

Noah did a great job! My biggest concern for photos on our wedding day was everyone feeling comfortable and being captured in their element so it didn't feel too posed or unnatural. Noah has such a kind and comfortable personality that we immediately felt at ease and had so much fun taking pictures!

Nicole SchulzAt Ease & Comfortable

He has a gift for putting folks at ease and capturing candid moments of joy and beauty. He is enthusiastic, supportive, unobtrusive, helpful, incredibly generous with his time and energy, and just a lovely human being. He gave us photos that I will cherish forever--the style of his photography is stunning, and his photos remind me to be grateful and celebrate with the people I love. He captured the spirit of the day perfectly and gave us the best memories.

Brianna HutchensNoah is the Best!

Jose & Molly


Make Your Wedding Adventurous!


Noah Bostrom Wedding FAQ

Weddings bring many questions with them, and while I cover all this in our pre-wedding meeting, this list will answer some of your questions up front. More than anything, I wish to ease the planning and day of stress, so if it means me taking the reins if the florist doesn’t show up or if there are any last minute macgyver actions needed, I’m there to help.

Do you offer video services?

Currently I do not offer video services, but I plan on offering them beginning Spring 2022. I can however connect you with a video professional that would be able to work alongside me.

Do you offer analog (film) options?

Yes! I’m so glad you asked. I was trained classically at Montana State in a fine arts photography centered program, which included many years of analog and alternative processes. I absolutely love using my medium or large format cameras. One of the packages incorporates large format portraits, but if you’ve got a desire for it, I’ll find a way to include it in any of the packages. That being said, I cannot guarantee the images in the same way, so I always do digital in conjunction.

Are you flexible on pricing?

Yes, having lived on a tight budget most of my life, I can understand that wedding costs can really stress people out. So if you have an inability to meet my costs, I am open to discuss alternatives. That being said, this is my livelihood, and how I help provide for my family, and what I studied in college, so I spent a long time getting my rates to reflect a fair and balanced cost for your needs and for my time and the skills I utilize. But just ask! We will likely work something out.

Will you travel?

Yes! I love to travel. What’s more is I am super frugal, so while I do expect plane ticket costs and a little for lodging, I love finding deals! So you can be sure I’ll cut costs and help that wedding budget out!

Do you do Engagement shoots if you aren't doing the wedding?

So, secretly engagement shoots are my favorite…I absolutely love the time with just the bride and groom. This time allows for some incredibly fun and beautiful moments. My favorite is when couples are up for my adventure engagement shoot. We spend up to half the day out doing whatever they love doing together. Whether that means whitewater kayaking, playing chess in the park, trail running, cooking together, riding horses, bowling or hitting the town in style, I love capturing those authentic moments. I could even be convinced to do a multi day epic adventure if you’re keen.

Do you do Elopements?

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Do you offer custom packages?

Other than my 3 main wedding packages, I offer a custom package that includes only what elements you’re interested in. This helps cater to your specific requests. Pricing variable.

Prints & Custom Books

Each of my different packages offer custom prints and/or a made to design photo book. I believe that beautiful prints or books add a deeper appreciation for the day and will be something your kids or friends look over with fondness for many years to come!

Disposable Cameras + Polaroids

I really love it when people take me up on the polaroid and/or the disposable camera options. While disposable cameras might not be the highest quality, they engage the guests in a fun and genuine way. Polaroids offer a fun and immediate image to hold onto for ages. I also have a small digital polaroid printer to enable people to print their phone photos as polaroids!